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Before you begin

You can use the following services to migrate files to Box. Note that the maximum file size for uploading an individual file to Box is 15 GB; you should not upload more than one file larger than 5 GB at a time. For more, see Maximum upload file size for IU Box.


Before you can use Box to store Restricted and some Critical institutional data, you will need to:

  1. Verify that your data are allowed in Box; see Types of data appropriate for IU Box accounts.
  2. Put the data in a folder owned by the appropriate account; see Request an IU Box account for use with sensitive data.
  3. Understand and implement the security measures in Protect sensitive data in Box.

File migration services list

Service Supported platforms Preserves timestamps? * Details Notes
Box Sync

Mac, Windows

Yes About Box Sync
Most fault-tolerant option; when used for data migration, this method requires periodic removal of files from your local computer.
FTPS Linux, Mac, Windows Yes Access an IU Box account with FTPS
Works better with some FTP clients than others; can run parallel transfers if the client supports it.
IU Cloud Storage Linux, Mac, Windows No Use IU Cloud Storage to migrate files between systems
A good solution if you don't have a lot of data and don't want to install anything (Box Sync, FTP client, etc.)
Box has deprecated WebDAV; see Deprecation: WebDAV Support.

* For information about timestamps, see Box's Understanding Box File Timestamps.

Bulk file migration

For information about options for transferring large amounts of data to Box, email

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