Scheduled maintenance for UITS systems

To keep Indiana University computing systems, services, and networks functioning optimally, UITS system administrators have implemented a schedule of regularly occurring maintenance windows. During its regularly scheduled maintenance window, a particular IU computing system, service, or network will most likely be unavailable to its users. Even if downtime is not required, you should use extreme caution when using a system or service during its scheduled maintenance window; any changes you make during a maintenance window may not be saved.

To view the list of regularly scheduled maintenance windows (that is, downtimes) for UITS computing systems, services, and networks, see Status.IU's Regularly scheduled maintenance windows.

Additionally, on the day they occur, system and service downtimes are posted on Status.IU.

UITS considers scheduled downtimes for performing routine maintenance a vital part of its normal procedures for delivering robust information technology services.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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