Connect SSRS to departmental databases

To build SSRS reports on your departmental databases, your databases must allow SSRS access. See below for the ports and proxy accounts that need access to these sources.

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Grant access

Provide read access to your database for the ads\sqlrsdev, ads\sqlrstst, and ads\sqlrsprd report services. In the User Rights Assignment local policy, these services will need Access this computer from the network user rights. If your database server firewall doesn't permit global "inbound" access, you'll need to add firewall exceptions to give SSRS access to your database.

Add inbound access to the following IP addresses for ports 1433 UDP/TCP, 1434 TCP, and 2382-2388 TCP:

  • Prod:
  • Test: and
  • Dev: and

Applying these ads\account read additions to the inbound firewall rule set will permit all required network connectivity for SSRS.

Security of your credentials

SSRS stores credentials in a locally encrypted database, which mitigates the risk of compromise or access to stored credentials. For more, see Specify Credential and Connection Information for Report Data Sources.

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