Use the event request form in Ad Astra

  1. Go to Ad Astra.

  2. Click the Events tab, and then click the Event Request link.
  3. Select the form that best suits your situation, and click Next.
  4. After reviewing the instructions, enter the requested information into the form. Fields with an "*" are required.
  5. In the "Meeting Recurrence" box, you have several options:
    • Single meeting: This is best for one meeting or for meetings that are not at regular days and times.
      1. Select start and end times (include setup and tear-down times).
      2. Select which day your event(s) will be on. When selected, days will be highlighted in blue.
      3. Click Create.
    • Recurring meeting: This is best for more than one meeting that occurs at the same time at regular intervals (for example, every day, every week, every month).
      1. Select start and end times (include setup and tear-down times).
      2. Select the day pattern your meeting will be on.
      3. Select how often the meeting will occur.
      4. Select the date range of your meetings.
      5. Click Create.
  6. Once the event(s) has been created, click the box to the left of the meeting(s) to which you wish to assign a room. Click Request Rooms.
  7. There are multiple ways to view the rooms:
    • Click the table header in the row column to sort alphabetically by building.
    • Click the bottom arrow to navigate through the list of rooms.

    Select the room by clicking Available in the row of the room you wish to reserve. It should turn green once selected. Rooms in red are not available to be reserved.

    Once you are done, click OK.

  8. To select resources, click Request Resources. Select a resource by clicking 9999 Available in the row of the resource you wish to reserve. The text should turn into a number, so type 1 where there is now a zero. The box should turn green. Once you are done, click OK.
  9. Review the information you entered into the Event Request form, and then click Submit above the form. Your screen should change to a confirmation page.
  10. Once Ad Astra receives your request, you will be notified via email. The approvers will process your request. When your event is fully approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Check the confirmation to verify the correct date, time, and room are selected.

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