At IU, what options do I have for storing files?

At Indiana University, UITS provides a variety of baseline (i.e., no-cost) services for students, faculty, and staff needing to store, share, and collaborate on files. Use the links below to find services that fit your particular needs. If you work with institutional data, make sure to read the additional important information below.

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File storage and collaboration
Long-term research data storage Scholarly Data Archive
Storage for teaching and learning File storage in Canvas
Storage, retrieval, and workflows for scanned paper docs and electronic files OnBase

Important information concerning institutional data

Federal and state privacy laws, as well as university policies and data management standards, are applicable to anyone working with institutional data at IU. For help understanding the different types of institutional data, and your responsibilities for ensuring their privacy and security, see:

  • In most cases, removable storage media (e.g., flash drives, CDs, or DVDs) are appropriate only for storing personal, non-confidential files. Never store institutional data on removable storage media unless your senior executive officer and has given prior written approval and the data are properly encrypted.
  • Never use a third-party online (i.e., cloud) storage solution (e.g., Dropbox or iCloud) to store or share institutional data of any classification level. Although third-party cloud storage services are appropriate for storing your personal files, make sure you understand their security and privacy policies before using them to store confidential personal data.

For help determining which UITS service provides the level of security required for the data you are storing, see At IU, which dedicated file storage services and IT services with storage components are appropriate for sensitive institutional data, including research data containing protected health information?

If you have questions, contact your campus Support Center or your department's IT Pro.

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