Change your configuration settings for Symphony Workflows

You can change WorkFlows configuration settings on startup if you enable the "Configuration" window. At Indiana University, Library Information Technology (LIT) recommends that you keep the "Configuration" window enabled.

You can also change configuration settings for WorkFlows within the WorkFlows client from the Preference menu. To access the Preference menu, press Alt-p (the first letter of the menu name), and then choose Configuration.... Any changes you make will take effect the next time you start WorkFlows.

Configuration settings for Symphony Workflows:

  • Workstation:
    • Set "Name:" to PCGUI-EDIT. If this selection is not available (often the case with a new installation), leave it at the default setting for your first login, and then change it within WorkFlows or the next time you log in.
    • Set "Login timeout:" to 60000. A longer timeout may be necessary for sites with slow network connections to Bloomington.
  • Show this window on next startup:
    • UITS recommends that you leave this option checked.

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