ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac OS or Mac OS X, how do I view and control cookies?

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Note: Microsoft is no longer developing or distributing Internet Explorer for the Macintosh. UITS strongly recommends that you use a different browser, such as Safari or Firefox.

To view your cookies and control your browser's cookie settings using Internet Explorer in Mac OS or Mac OS X, follow the directions below:

  1. In Mac OS X, from the Explorer menu, select Preferences.... In Mac OS 9.x and earlier, from the Edit menu, select Preferences....
  2. In the Internet Explorer Preferences window, beneath "Receiving Files", select Cookies.
  3. Choose the action you would like from the list below:
    • To view your cookies, look in the right pane, beneath "Cookie Settings".
    • To perform actions on your cookies, from the right pane, beneath "Cookie Settings", choose a cookie and then select Delete, View..., or Decline Cookies.
    • To change your cookie settings, beside "When receiving cookies:", choose your preferred option. You can select each option and read the descriptive text that appears directly below it to help you decide which option you prefer.

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