ARCHIVED: In IU Webmail, how can I sort the messages in a folder?

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You can sort your IU Webmail messages by message number, or by the Date, From, Subject, Thread, or Size headers, by clicking the appropriate column title at the top of the list of messages. For instance, to sort your messages by date, click Date.

Once you have sorted your messages, you can change the order in which they are sorted (e.g., when sorted by Date, you can change whether they are sorted as oldest to newest or vice versa). A downward-pointing arrow indicates a descending order (e.g., newest at the top of the list); an upward-pointing arrow indicates an ascending order (e.g., newest at the bottom of the list). To change the direction of the sort, click the arrow again.

Note: Sorting by Thread will place together all responses to a single message, with each subsequent response indented and visually linked to the message before it with a small symbol that looks like |--.

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