ARCHIVED: In IU Webmail, how can I search my messages?

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To search for a particular message in IU Webmail:

  1. While in the list of messages in your folder, from the header bar at the top of the screen, click Search.
  2. On the "Search" screen, select a message field from the drop-down menu and enter the text you wish to search for. Check the appropriate options and folders to search, and then click Submit.

Webmail will display a list of the messages that match your search criteria.

The following search options are available:

  • Message fields: Search options include "From", "To", "Cc", "Subject", "Body", "Received on", "Received Until", and "Received Since". Enter your search terms in the appropriate fields.
  • Message folders: Check the box beside each folder you wish to search. Click Select all to search all folders, or Select none to clear your selections and start again. By default, only Inbox is selected.
  • Message flags: Flagging messages lets you mark specific messages as Seen, Unseen, Important, Not Important, Answered, Unanswered, Deleted, Not Deleted, Draft, or Not Draft. When searching for messages, however, the available options for message flagging are somewhat different:
    • Old Messages, New messages, or Both
    • Answered messages, Unanswered messages, or Both
    • Important messages, Not important messages, or Both
    • Deleted messages, Not deleted messages, or Both

    By default, Both is selected for all groups. But if, for example, you wish to limit your search only to Important New (Unseen) messages, select the appropriate choices, and keep the default selection for the other two groups.

    In the search returns, messages will be grouped according to the folder in which they were located.

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