Connect to IUCAT with a Z39.50 client

The Z39.50 protocol allows different systems to exchange database data. Libraries use it to facilitate communication among library automation systems. Some bibliographic citation management software (for example, EndNote) uses Z39.50 to extract information from library databases.

While the following is detailed information about the IUCAT Z39.50 server, the basic connection information needed by most clients is the hostname, database name, port number, and attribute set.

Description of the Indiana University (IUCAT) SirsiDynix Symphony Z39.50 server

Database information

  • Database Name: UNICORN
  • Database Description: The Indiana University Catalog, IUCAT
  • Domain Name (or Host):
  • Port Number: 2200
  • Server Software Vendor: SirsiDynix Corporation

Attribute set ID

The attribute set ID is Bib-1 Attribute Set Profile.

Attribute type

The attribute types are Type-1 and Type-101.

Initialization service

  • Z39.50 Protocol Version: 3
  • Preferred Message Size: 65530 bytes
  • Maximum Record Size: 65530 bytes

Server options supported

The following server options are supported:

  • Sorting
  • Scanning
  • Cross Reference
  • Result Set Naming
  • Intermediate Results
  • Result Set Deletes

Element set names

The element set names are Full and Brief.

Record syntax

The record syntax is MARC.

UITS support contact

For IUCAT Z39.50 support, email with the subject line ATTENTION: Z39.50 Question.

Library Information Systems (LIS) supports the IUCAT Z39.50 server. For help with other referencing software, see Software for managing bibliographic references available at IU

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