ARCHIVED: In IU Webmail, how do I use attachments?

Opening an attachment

To see if a message has an attachment, you must first open the message. You cannot tell whether a particular message has an attachment simply by looking at the list of messages in your Inbox or other folders. To view attachments:

  1. From the list of messages, click the text in the "From" column or the "Subject" column to open a message.
  2. If the message has any attachments, they will be listed next to "Part(s):", just underneath the "Subject:" heading at the top of the message.
  3. Click the name of the attachment to open the attachment. If your browser cannot display the file properly, either it will prompt you to select another option for handling the attachment, or it may begin automatically downloading the attachment to your desktop.

    Alternatively, click the icon with the red arrow to the far right of the name to simply download the attachment to your computer. Save the attachment to a location of your choice. Double-click the downloaded attachment to open it, or launch the application you want to use and then open the attachment from within the application.

Adding an attachment

You can add only one attachment at a time. To add an attachment to a mail message:

  1. Begin composing a message by clicking Compose.
  2. Click the Attachments icon or scroll down to the "Attachments" section. The default action is to add an attachment; if you'd rather display your file within the message, from the "Attachment" drop-down list, select Inline.
  3. Click Choose File or Browse... (the wording may vary depending on which web browser you are using).
  4. Browse to the file you want to attach, and then click Open or Choose.
  5. The file you selected will appear in the "Attachments" section. Next to "Disposition:", you can change whether you want the file to be sent as an attachment or as part of the email message. You can also add a description.
  6. To add more files as attachments, repeat the steps above.

    To remove attachments from the message, check the box next to "Delete?" for each file you want to delete, and then at the bottom of the "Attachments" section, click Update Attachment Information.

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