IU videoconferencing dialing rules and shortcuts

The dialing rules below may help you connect more quickly to a videoconference from https://bridge.iu.edu or from an installed videoconferencing system at IU.

If you are connecting from Skype for Business, see Use Skype for Business to connect to videoconference rooms.

Enter the prefixes and dialing strings as indicated below, without any extra numbers or keys in between. For example, to use a videoconferencing system to connect to a Zoom meeting with the ID 123456789, use the room's touch panel or remote control to enter 26123456789 and then press Call.

If a host PIN or further numbers are required, you'll be prompted once your call connects.

Prefix Main dialing string Description
Dial to reach the operator during business hours.
00 or test
Dial either string to make a self-service test call, a simple 24x7 loopback test for your audio and video devices.
or 23200
Dial either string to reach Copybird, a simple 24x7 test for your audio and video devices.
5-digit abbreviated IUB or IUPUI telephone number
Audio calling to IUB and IUPUI campuses (812-85X-XXXX and 317-27X-XXXX)
10-digit telephone number
Toll-free domestic audio calling. International audio calling is not available.
4- to 7-digit conference number
Reservation-based virtual meeting rooms; see Create or join a "23" video bridge conference at IU.
26 9- or 10-digit Zoom ID
For connecting to Zoom meetings and webinars; see About Zoom at IU.
5- to 7-digit Skype for Business meeting ID
For connecting to Skype for Business meetings; see Hold a conference call or online meeting using Skype for Business.
BlueJeans conference number, followed by the pound key (#)
For connecting to externally hosted BlueJeans conferences; see Connect to a BlueJeans conference at IU.

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Learning Spaces Support (cthelp@iu.edu, 812-856-2020, Skype for Business: cthelp).

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