Directions, maps, building codes, and parking information for IU campuses

Driving directions

To get driving directions from your location to any of Indiana University's campuses, click the corresponding Google Maps links below, and then (in the top left) enter your address as the starting point (or click your location on the map).

Campus Address Google Maps link
IU Bloomington 300 Jordan Ave.
Bloomington, IN
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IUPUI 420 University Blvd. Indianapolis, IN Get driving directions
IU East 2325 Chester Blvd.
Richmond, IN
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IU Kokomo 2300 S. Washington St.
Kokomo, IN
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IU Northwest 3400 Broadway
Gary, IN
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IUPUC 4601 Central Ave.
Columbus, IN
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IUFW Neff Hall 110
2101 East Coliseum Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN
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IU South Bend 1700 Mishawaka Avenue
South Bend, IN
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IU Southeast 4201 Grant Line Rd.
New Albany, IN
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For help using Google Maps, see Get directions and show routes in the Google Maps Help pages.

Campus maps

Following are links to Indiana University campus maps. Those marked "interactive" are maintained by Capital Projects, and provide detailed information about parking, areas under construction, accessibility, and locations of emergency phones.

Building codes

The IU Space Information unit maintains the official IU Building List (in PDF format), which lists all university-owned buildings (on every campus) in alphabetical order by building code. Where applicable, two-character codes also are noted; for example:

  Bldg.    2 char   Bldg. Description         Address 
  Code     code                      
  BL013A   LV       Student Legal Services    703 E 7th St
  SB866    EA       Education & Arts          1002 S Esther St

User your browser's Find utility to locate specific buildings (and their building codes) on the list.

Campus parking information

Each IU campus provides multiple permit parking locations for students, staff, and faculty. Parking permits for most campuses can be purchased through the IU Parking Portal. Pay lots and metered spaces are available for visitors. Most parking locations offer ADA-accessible parking spots. Depending on the campus, you may need a permit to park your bicycle on campus.

See the following links for information about parking policies and locations at each IU campus:

  • IU Bloomington: For information about parking at IU Bloomington, see the Office of Parking Operations website:
  • IUPUI: For information about parking permits at IUPUI, see the Parking Services website. For parking locations, see the "Where can I park?" pages for:

    For other maps specific to ADA-accessible parking, bike racks, motorcycle parking, and metered lots at IUPUI, see the Parking Services Maps page.

  • IU East: For information about parking permits and regulations at IU East, see the Campus Parking page.
  • IU Kokomo: For information about parking regulations and permits at IU Kokomo, see the Parking Services website. For parking locations, see the Designated Campus Parking map.
  • IU Northwest: For information about parking on campus at IU Northwest, see the Parking Services website and the IU Northwest parking map (in PDF format).
  • IUPUC: For information about parking permits and policies at IUPUC, see the IUPUC Parking page.
  • IU South Bend: For information about parking regulations, permits, and locations at IU South Bend, see the Parking Services website.
  • IU Southeast: For information about student, faculty/staff, handicapped, motorcycle, and temporary/visitor parking permits at IU Southeast, see the University Police Parking page. For information about parking your bicycle, see the Bicycle Parking page.
Some IU campuses honor parking permits issued at other IU campuses. To find out where you can park with your permit at another IU campus, visit the Reciprocal parking page, and then select the campus you plan to visit from the provided menu. (If your permit type is not listed in the campus information you select, it is currently not accepted on that campus, and you will need to park in a visitor garage or metered spot.)

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