ARCHIVED: In Outlook Express 5 or 6, Windows Mail, or Windows Live Mail, how do I import saved messages?

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To import saved messages into an Outlook Express, Windows Mail (Windows Vista), or Windows Live Mail (Windows 7) account:

  1. In Outlook Express and Windows Mail, from the File menu, select Import, and then click Messages....

    In Windows Live Mail, from the ribbon, click the File tab (located to the left of the Home tab), and then click Import Messages.

  2. In the dialog box that appears, choose the type of messages you wish to import.

    Note: Windows Mail can import Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Express 6, and Mail 7; Windows Live Mail can import only Outlook Express 6, Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail.

  3. Click Next, and browse to your message storage location on your computer.

    Note: The mail import selections are usually not pre-validated; if you choose to import from Microsoft Exchange or Outlook but do not have Outlook installed, you will likely receive an error.

  4. If prompted to choose which folders to import, select your preference and then click Finish.

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