At IU, with my mail forwarding set to my Hotmail account, why am I not receiving all of my messages?


Before setting your IU email address to forward to a non-IU service (e.g., personal Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!), note:

  • UITS cannot guarantee email delivery to non-IU accounts, delays in delivery can occur, and the UITS Support Center may not be able to help with some problems concerning non-IU accounts. If your email forwarding fails for any reason, you may miss important official communications sent to your IU address for which you are still responsible.
  • Faculty, staff, residents, and students in HIPAA Affected Areas whose roles may require sharing protected health information (PHI) via email (e.g., Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Optometry) are not permitted to set up mail forwarding to outside accounts, as this could result in the violation of federal and state laws. For more, see HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance.

If you have set IU's mail forwarding to forward your Indiana University mail to your Hotmail account, it is likely that your forwarded mail will end up in your Hotmail Junk Mail folder. Because the forwarded mail is routed through the IU system and is not addressed to your actual Hotmail address (i.e.,, the mail is interpreted as spam and Hotmail filters move it directly to the Junk Mail folder.

You can override this feature as follows:

  1. From the inbox of your Hotmail account, click the gear icon at the upper right of the page.
  2. From the drop-down menu that appears, select More mail settings.
  3. Click Safe and blocked senders.
  4. Click Safe senders.
  5. On the following page, type your IU email address in the text box next to the caption "Sender or domain to mark as safe:". Enter your IU email address in the format, e.g.:

    Your mail is most likely forwarded from an address in this format, not from,,, etc. However, if you find that forwarded mail from one of these addresses (or any other you want to receive mail from) is being blocked, enter that address as well.

  6. Click Add to list >>.

You should now receive all of your forwarded messages in your Hotmail inbox.

For more on locating misdirected mail, see If you are not receiving all of your IU email.

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