Register a DNS reverse lookup (PTR) record for a computer in Indiana University's ADS domain

If you are using a computer that you have registered with Indiana University's Active Directory Services (ADS) domain, you can configure it to use Dynamic DNS (DDNS). If a computer within the ADS domain is configured to use DDNS, its forward lookup record will automatically be registered on the DDNS servers. The forward lookup record maps a hostname (fully qualified domain name) to an IP address. However, many applications also require a reverse lookup record, also known as a pointer or PTR record. A reverse lookup record maps an IP address to a fully qualified hostname.

The DDNS service associated with ADS does not automatically register reverse lookup records. If you are planning to use a static IP address (rather than using DHCP), send mail to the DNS administrator to obtain the IP and register a DNS reverse lookup record. See Request a static IP address at IU.

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