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Software available

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is the latest version of Adobe's creative software. For eligibility details, see Adobe Creative Cloud at IU.

Software available individually

Download the following Adobe applications from IUware unless otherwise noted.

Software available for registered IT Pros only

Access Adobe software

Install software

Eligible IU users can install Adobe software on up to two personally owned computers.


With the exception of software obtained through Adobe Creative Cloud, when you leave IU, you must uninstall all Adobe software you obtained at no fee. You must also destroy any physical media. If you wish to continue using Adobe products, UITS encourages you to purchase your own retail licenses before leaving the university so as to benefit from the academic discount.

Via Creative Cloud

For installation instructions, see Get started with Adobe Creative Cloud.

IU's Adobe Creative Cloud license allows two concurrent active instances of Creative Cloud. You can install Creative Cloud on as many computers as you wish, but you can only be logged in on two of them at any given time. If you attempt to log into a third instance, you will receive a warning and an opportunity to deactivate (in other words, log out of) the other instances. For this reason, if you have Creative Cloud installed on more than one computer, UITS recommends that you deactivate Creative Cloud any time you are not actively using it.

To deactivate Adobe software so that you can log into it on a different computer, see Deactivate Adobe software.

Via IUware

To access software that is available for individual download or to IT Pros only, visit IUware.

Access software without installation

Eligible IU users can access Adobe software without installation through IUanyWare; for login instructions, see Sign into and out of Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Acrobat in IUanyWare.

Get help

Consult the following resources for help with Adobe products at Indiana University:

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