Opt out of the IU eTexts (Unizin Engage) requirement

Under specific circumstances and within a limited timeframe, you may choose to opt out of access to an IU eTexts title and the corresponding IU eTexts fee.

The easiest way to opt-out of IU eTexts is to select another class or course that does not have an IU eTexts requirement.

If selecting another class or course is not an option, you may opt out of using IU eTexts if:

  • You can legally obtain the exact same materials outside of the IU eTexts initiative (custom texts, publisher courseware, and non-text-based digital learning tools are customized/created for IU eTexts access only), and
  • You submit a request to opt out at least 45 days before the first day of the term (or 14 days before the first day of the term for students in Kelley online graduate programs on the quarter calendar).

For opt-out details, instructions, and post-deadline options, refer to Opt-Out of IU eTexts: The Student Guide to IU eTexts.

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