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Conditions for opting out

In compliance with federal regulations, you may choose under specific circumstances to opt out of the IU eTexts fees for any class using IU eTexts titles. The easiest way to opt out of IU eTexts is to select a different class or course without an IU eTexts adoption.

If selecting another class or course isn't an option, you may opt out if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Identical materials are legally available outside of the IU eTexts program; be aware that some materials (including McGraw-Hill's ConnectPlus titles, Cengage's MindTap titles, Pearson's MyLabs, and some IU Press titles authored by Bloomington Kelley School of Business faculty) are created or customized for IU eTexts only, and are not available in any other format.
  • You have not accessed the IU eTexts title(s).
  • You submit your request to opt out no later than 45 days before the first day of class in the term. (If you enroll in a class after this deadline, you may submit an email opt-out request within 30 days after you enroll in the class or before the last refund deadline for the class, whichever comes first. See the instructions below.)

To consider

Before opting out, consider these potential consequences:

  • You will lose access to all the features and benefits of the IU eTexts initiative.
  • You will lose access to additional content your instructor might add to the eText, such as links to other content; additional supplemental resources; and highlights, annotations, and study tips your instructor may add to guide your engagement and learning in the course.
  • You will lose the opportunity to engage, interact, and collaborate with your classmates and instructor within the eText itself.
  • When faculty choose to use an IU eTexts title in their course, they are assured all students will have access to the same edition of the text on/before the first day of class. By opting out, you risk falling behind in the course if you've not acquired alternate versions of the same materials prior to the first day of the class.
  • The IU eText reader software allows your instructor to track your engagement with the eText (for example, number of highlights/annotations/notes you've made within the eText). Many faculty refer to these engagement logs as a measure of participation or learning, and to help identify students who may be struggling in the course. You could thus limit your instructor's ability to provide you with this additional assistance.
  • You would be responsible for legally obtaining alternate versions of all required course materials. IU eTexts, and all instructor/classmate interaction that occurs within them, are specific to IU; other "eTexts" you might obtain elsewhere will not include the interactions and/or additional learning materials placed within the eText by your instructor.
  • In classes using multiple IU eTexts titles, you may not opt out of a specific title. Instead, you opt out of every title in the class.
  • Faculty are not responsible for providing you with alternative materials or waiving course/class requirements.
  • Your opt-out request is not reversible once it is submitted.

This is not a comprehensive list, since you may miss other benefits, depending on the specific class and instructor.

Opt out before the deadline

If, after careful consideration (and ideally a conversation with your instructor) you still choose to opt out, submit your request as follows:

  1. Go to Enrollment Shopping Cart.
  2. If necessary, select the correct term.
  3. Scroll down to "My Class Schedule", and click IU eTexts Opt Out.
  4. Read the statement, and follow the instructions.

Opt out after the deadline

If you are a new student, enrolling in a class after the 45-day deadline noted above, you will not have access to the automated opt-out request. Instead, you may only request to opt-out via email. Follow these instructions exactly, or your email opt-out request will not be processed. As noted above, opt-out is not an option if the class is using a customized eText, faculty-produced materials, or an online tool/environment.

  1. Submit your email request no later than 30 days after you enroll in the class, or before the last refund deadline for the class, whichever comes first.
  2. Send the email request from your IU email account.
  3. Enter E-Mail Opt-Out Request for [your Canvas course code] as the subject of your e-mail request. (Canvas course code example: SP18-BL-AST-A105-5908)
  4. Request only one opt-out per email message.
  5. Copy and paste the following statements into the body of the email request:
    • I have carefully weighed the pros and cons of my decision to opt-out of IU eTexts.
    • I have legally acquired another version of the exact same textbook/ISBN.
    • I understand the instructor will be notified of my choice to opt-out of IU eTexts.
    • I hold the instructor and Indiana University blameless for my decision to opt out of the IU eTexts initiative.
    • I understand my opt-out request may not be reversed after I submit it.
  6. Type your initials next to each of the statements to indicate your agreement to each one.
  7. Send your email request to etexthlp@iu.edu.

If you follow the instructions exactly, within five working days you will get an email confirmation of your opt-out request. The IU eTexts fee for the class will then be credited to your bursar account.

If you have questions

If you have questions, email etexthlp@iu.edu from your IU email account.

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