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About the UITS printing account

The UITS printing account provides access to UITS-managed printing services at Indiana University Bloomington. UITS provides printing services in the Student Technology Centers (STCs) and Residential Technology Centers (RTCs).

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Who can have a printing account

Because the STCs are funded entirely from the Student Technology Fee, unrestricted access to these facilities is limited to students and to faculty who teach in the STCs and, in the case of the RTCs, those living in campus housing. To better control the costs associated with providing printing services, UITS provides an STC printing allotment at IUB. The size of the allotment allocated to students is based upon their status as undergraduate, graduate, or professional students, and is intended to permit 85% of IUB students to print free of charge.

Through a partnership with the IU Libraries, the UITS printing account also provides access to black-and-white printing services to patrons of libraries on the IUB campus. Other departmental partnerships provide similar access to selected computing facilities around campus. UITS printing accounts are also available for a fee to those departments wishing to sponsor individual or departmental printing accounts.

Departments also purchase access to printing services when they purchase STC access for their conference participants.

Conference coordinators must keep records of all Conference account users. In the case of a security or policy violation, the coordinator must be able to supply identity and contact information for the user of the offending account at the time of the incident, and must assist in problem resolution.

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Getting a printing account

Registered students and faculty are automatically entitled to a printing account. Departments can purchase additional UITS printing accounts by contacting UITS Leveraged Services. If you are affiliated with IUB, you can purchase an account or add a supplemental allotment to an existing account. To do so, visit the UITS Support Center walk-in location in the Wells Library.

If you are a student or faculty member, to verify that your printing account is activated, check your printing allotment.

If your account does not appear, send a printing account request or contact the UITS Support Center.

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Checking your account's print allotment

If you are a student, you will be billed for any printing over your allotment. All other UITS printing accounts must have an available balance in order to print. For more, see About IU Print allotments and credits.

Check your printing allotment regularly at IU Print.

Misuse or abuse

Indiana University treats misuse or abuse of printing accounts (such as printing from your account without your permission) like abuse of any other IU account. For more, see What are my responsibilities as a computer user at IU?

For all violations of the STC printing allotment policy, send email to the University Information Security Office (UISO) at In your message, explain the circumstances of the abuse of your account, and the date and time it occurred.

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Expiration of printing account

Your printing account at IUB does not expire unless you are no longer enrolled in classes; that is, it remains active just as your other accounts do.

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