Apply for an account on the SDA

For eligibility requirements, see the "Research system accounts (all campuses)" section in Computing accounts at IU.

  • To request an individual (personal) account on the Indiana University Scholarly Data Archive (SDA), follow the instructions in Get additional IU computing accounts.

    If you are eligible to request an SDA account, but it is not listed among the accounts available to request, contact your campus Support Center for help.

  • To request to have an SDA account created for your IU group account, contact the Research Storage team.
    In accordance with standards for access control mandated by the HIPAA Security Rule, you are not permitted to access data containing protected health information (PHI) using a group (or departmental) account. To ensure accountability and maintain appropriate levels of access control, all users must use an individual login for all work involving PHI.

After submitting your account request, UITS will notify you via email when your account is ready for use.

To get started on the SDA (once your account is created), see Access the SDA at IU.

The SDA is maintained by UITS Research Storage. If you have questions about the SDA, or need help, contact Research Storage.

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