Handle a report object that returns a large extract in the IUIE

If you anticipate a large return from an IUIE data extract, keep the following in mind:

  • IUIE Help recommends that you select Spreadsheet as the output format, and that you select Completed Reports as the output destination. If these options are not selected, your web browser will need to cache the entire contents of the extract. This can cause a browser to crash and could potentially crash your computer, depending on how robust it is.
  • Since Microsoft Excel has a row and column limit, you can encounter Excel limitations in application areas that have published very large views and tables for users to query.
  • Because of browser cache limits, the IUIE is not designed to handle "data dumps". Enter the precise criteria you need; if you try to return all rows in a report or use generic criteria, your report may time out or not run at all.
  • Dial-up (modem) connections are, almost without exception, unable to handle even moderate data transmission.
  • If it's absolutely essential to see all the data, IUIE Help strongly suggests that you at least limit the rows returned and/or use Access or SQL*Plus.
  • If you are requesting all the data because you have questions about what is contained in the set, refer to your respective help area for more information about the data available.

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