Your status with IU

Your access to UITS accounts and services is dependent upon your status with Indiana University. Most services are restricted to IU students and employees (faculty and staff), while others are available to affiliates and other guests of the university. For a full list of UITS accounts and services (including IUware) and standards for eligibility, see Computing accounts at IU.

  • Student: Once you have been admitted to IU, you are eligible to create the full suite of student computing accounts, even if you have not yet paid your enrollment fee or registered for classes. If you do not register for classes at IU, your accounts will be disabled approximately six weeks into the semester.

    Student status is determined by your presence in the Student Information System (SIS), which receives its information from the registrar on each campus. If you have questions about your standing as a student, contact your campus registrar.

  • Faculty or staff: Once your employment as a faculty or staff member has been finalized by IU Human Resources, you will be eligible for the full suite of employee computing accounts.

    Note that you must be employed by IU, as defined by IU HR. At IU, you are considered an employee if your hiring was completed through the Human Resources Management System (HRMS). This includes:

    • Formally appointed staff members (paid or non-paid)
    • Appointed adjunct faculty. Instructors who teach credit or non-credit courses are considered adjunct faculty.
    • Instructors contracted to teach a single class. Even instructors who teach only one class for one semester, if they were hired through the official HRMS system, are eligible for full IU computing accounts and services, including downloads from IUware.

    For more about accounts for official IU retirees, see Access to IU resources for official IU retirees.

  • IU affiliate: IU faculty or staff may sponsor affiliate accounts for those who need them. Affiliates are eligible for the full suite of computing accounts for a predetermined period of time. For more, see Sponsor a computing account for an IU affiliate.
  • Guest: Anyone may request a Guest account, which provides limited access to certain online applications and services of the university. For more, see About IU Guest accounts.

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