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ITPilot, a Denodo component, is a web crawler that automates browsing activities such as clicking through webpages, following links, viewing data, and downloading files. ITPilot is useful for presenting data from web pages within Denodo.

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Use ITPilot

You can use ITPilot to capture either a data set from a web page or a downloaded file. First, a developer records a web browser session, including all clicks and other browser activities. The record of this browser session is then modified as necessary to promote reusability.

When you use ITPilot to find data on a page, that data is imported into a Denodo VDB as a base view. Each time a user accesses the view, the navigation sequence is performed.

When you use ITPilot to download a file, typically the file will be automatically downloaded each day using the Denodo Scheduler. You can view a downloaded file in Denodo by creating a delimited or Excel data source.


When deployed as Denodo VDB base views, ITPilot sequences feature the following capabilities:

  • Variables in navigation can be supplied at runtime (for example, you can enter search strings into a web search and retrieve the number of hits).
  • Sensitive or navigation information can be supplied via parameter.
  • Users' Denodo login credentials can be passed through to the navigation sequence.


The Denodo browser in ITPilot is not compatible with most JavaScript websites. Development and deployment of ITPilot sequences use different browsers (IE and Denodo, respectively), and this causes compatibility issues. If a website changes, the navigation sequence may break, and you may need to redevelop it.

Get started and learn more

To get started using ITPilot, send a request to denodo-request@indiana.edu.

To learn more, see the ITPilot materials from Denodo Reference Manuals.

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