ARCHIVED: About the UITS SharePoint service migration and upgrade

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The UITS SharePoint service was upgraded to SharePoint Online in July 2016.

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Preparing for migration

UITS will contact each group site owner with instructions on how to proceed. Until then, evaluate what needs to be migrated. In the meantime, evaluate what needs to be migrated. If the site is no longer needed, you can delete it immediately. If you plan to migrate to SharePoint Online, you can request a SharePoint Online Site. Also, make sure:

  • The primary and secondary owner information is up to date
  • The site collection administrators group is up to date
  • The site users are up to date

UITS will contact site owner groups about migration plans in the following order:

  1. Owners whose sites require special preparations before being migrated
  2. Advanced farm site owners
  3. Standard farm owners

After UITS initiates contact, you can request a SharePoint Online site. If needed, you can also request developer access to the workflow tools, approval for data use, and assistance with moving your site.

Migration assistance

Many sites can be migrated without any assistance. However, you can request assistance when UITS contacts you about your plans for your site(s), or when you request a SharePoint Online Site. If you have a large site or several sites, UITS has a migration tool to help; UITS will conduct the migration due to the permissions needed by the tool.

Workflows cannot be migrated and must be recreated on SharePoint Online. UITS will ask for the number of workflows needing to move, but no assistance is available at this time for recreating workflows. You can request additional time if you need to create a large number of workflows.

Data classifications approved for use on SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is approved for use with public, university-internal, and restricted data. The site request form will ask for the types of institutional data to be used. Use of critical data requires approval by the Data Steward. Site owners requesting approval to use critical data will receive instructions on how to make that request.

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