ARCHIVED: On my office telephone, how do I mute a call?

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The following applies only to traditional phones. If your traditional phone has been replaced by the UniCom service (using Skype for Business and/or a USB or IP phone), see UniCom (unified communications).

Your telephone's Mute button allows you to turn off the microphone so that the caller can't hear you, but you can still hear the caller. In some cases, this works only when you are on a hands-free call. To place a call on mute for all telephone models:

  1. Press your telephone's Mute button. You can hear your caller but your caller cannot hear you. In many cases, the light next to the Mute button flashes.
  2. To speak with your caller, press your telephone's Mute button again. Each time you press the Mute button, you switch between regular mode and mute.

Caller ID telephones

On Caller ID telephones, the mute feature works only when you are on a hands-free call.

Meridian Business Set M5312 and M5316

The Listen on Hold feature allows you to place the handset in the cradle while on hold and use the speaker to hear when the calling party returns to the conversation.

To use the Listen on Hold feature:

  1. Press Hold and then place the handset into the cradle.
  2. Press the number button by the flashing diamond.
  3. Listen for the calling party to return to the call.
  4. Lift the handset or press Handsfree to continue the conversation.

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