ARCHIVED: At IUB and IUPUI, how do I place a call on hold from my office telephone?

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The following applies only to traditional phones. If your traditional phone has been replaced by the UniCom service (using Skype for Business/Lync and/or a USB or IP phone), see UniCom (unified communications).

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IU Bloomington

At IU Bloomington, the hold function allows you to keep a telephone call on the line while you step away from the phone or answer another call (two-line phones only). To place a call on hold from your office telephone:

  1. Press your telephone's Hold button. In some cases, the display shows that the call is on hold (when a display is available). In other cases, a hold indicator light flashes to show that a call is on hold.
  2. To retrieve the call, lift the handset or press your telephone's Speakerphone or Handsfree button (for a hands-free call).

IUPUI single-line telephones

To place a call on hold on a single-line telephone at IUPUI:

  1. Press the Link/Flash key.
  2. Listen for the special feature dial tone, and then dial *76.
  3. Listen for the confirmation tone. Do not hang up.
  4. To return to your call, press the Link/Flash key, and then dial *76.

Meridian Business Set M5312, M5112, and M5316

To place a call on hold and answer a second call:

  1. Press the number button beside the flashing diamond. This automatically places your original call on hold. The diamond indicator flashes.
  2. To switch back and forth between calls, press the number button next to the flashing diamond for whichever party you want to talk to.
  3. When you are ready to terminate a call, press RLS.

Listen on Hold

Listen on Hold allows you to place the handset in the cradle while on hold and use the speaker to hear when the calling party returns to the conversation. To use Listen on Hold:

  1. Press Hold and then place the handset into the cradle.
  2. Press the number button by the flashing diamond.
  3. When you hear the calling party return to the call, lift the handset or press Handsfree to continue the conversation.

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