Disabled Webserve account

On Webserve, the default version of PHP is 7.1; however, PHP 5.6 will still be available until it is retired at the end of December 2018. Webtest servers are already using PHP 7.1. For help specifying which version of PHP to use, see PHP server-side scripting language.

If your Webserve account is locked, you will receive an error message when you log in:

"This account is locked.
Please contact the IU Webmaster: wmhelp@iu.edu / 812-855-8050"

Only the account owner may make the unlock request. In addition to using the contact information provided in the error message, you can submit a request through the contact Web Services Support form.

If your ADS domain account is locked, you will be unable to access Webserve in addition to any other services requiring ADS authentication. If you try to log into your Webserve account, you will be repeatedly prompted for your password and the system will not log you in.

To unlock your ADS domain account, contact your campus Support Center. For more, see If your ADS domain account is locked.

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