ARCHIVED: At IUB or IUPUI, how can I automatically redial a busy number?

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At Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI, the Ring Again feature automatically redials a busy on-campus number. When the line is free, a special ring will alert you that you can complete your call.

Note: You can only activate Ring Again for on-campus telephone numbers.

All phones except Meridian business sets

When you reach a busy number and want to be notified when it's free, activate Ring Again:

  1. Press the Flash (lightning bolt) button.
  2. Listen for a "stutter" dial tone and dial *72.
  3. Listen for a confirmation tone.
  4. Replace the handset.

You will be alerted by three rings when the number you're trying to reach becomes available. Lift the handset to automatically dial your call. To cancel this automatic dialing, dial *72 and listen for the confirmation tone; then, replace the handset.

Meridian business sets (M5312 or M5316)

On a Meridian business set with add-on modules, you can access the Ring Again feature with a button. When the busy line is free, you will hear a single burst of tone.

To activate Ring Again:

  1. After you hear a busy signal, press the Ring Again button. The diamond next to the Ring Again button will remain solid.
  2. Hang up the handset or press RLS.

To respond to the Ring Again tone:

  1. When the diamond next to the Ring Again button flashes, lift the handset or press Handsfree.
  2. Press the Ring Again button to redial the number.

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