How should I handle problems or suspected toll fraud with my IU departmental telephone statement?

At Indiana University, toll fraud is defined as any unauthorized or personal long distance call charged to an IU departmental account or telephone number. Carefully reconciling your monthly telephone statement helps to identify toll fraud. It is vital to move quickly when toll fraud is identified, as it can cost the university thousands of dollars in one billing period, and you may be held liable for charges.

If you have a question about your departmental telephone statement, call 812-856-2287 (IUB) or 317-274-3004 (IUPUI).

To dispute any long distance calls detailed on your monthly departmental telephone statement, notify UITS within 30 days of receipt of the statement. Consultants can investigate to determine the name of the individual or business connected to a particular telephone number, and can also determine the originating telephone number on calls. Send a memo to UITS describing your dispute, and include a copy of the statement with the calls in question highlighted. At IU Bloomington, send the memo to 2709 E. Tenth Street, Attention: Communications Planning and Implementation. At IUPUI, send the memo to 535 W. Michigan Street, Attention: Communications Planning and Implementation.

Once substantiated, credit will be issued only for the previous three months. Errors reported after three months are not eligible for credit; if you report an error after 30 days but before three months, you may receive a credit, depending on the circumstances. No credits will be issued across fiscal year cycles.

If your long distance access information is lost or stolen, see What should I do if I've forgotten or lost my IU Authorization Code or departmental calling card?

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