Why you were redirected here

You were redirected here for one of two reasons:

Access a website that requires authentication

  • If the website uses Central Authentication Service (CAS), contact the site owner and make sure your Indiana University username has been added to the authorized users list.
  • If the website uses custom site credentials, try re-entering them. If that still fails, contact the site owner to verify the credentials.

Access a website that restricts access to the IU network IP address range

If you are on campus

  • Make sure your computer is connected through IU Secure, eduroam, or a wired network. IU Guest wireless is not part of the IU network.
  • Make sure your computer is getting an IP address appropriate for your campus. For help, see Find your computer's IP address.

    If you have a valid IP address for your campus, contact the site owner to update the IP address restrictions for the site. The site owner will need your IP address, method of connection to the network, and campus. Site owners can contact Web Services Support for help configuring their IP address restrictions.

    For help determining the site owner, or for additional assistance, contact your campus Support Center.

If you are off campus

You need to be connected to the IU network either via VPN or a browser application from IUanyWare. For help, see:

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