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Indiana University departments can use departmental Data Warehouse accounts to connect to the Data Warehouse to perform automated extracts of data. This data may then be fed into a departmental application or presented in a reporting tool, such as Tableau. Using a departmental account rather than an individual account to access the Data Warehouse avoids loss of access to data should staff members change jobs or leave the university.

Every departmental Data Warehouse account must have a sponsor who is an IU employee and who has completed the Acceptable Use Agreement. Only an account sponsor can request a password change for the departmental account. If an account sponsor changes jobs or leaves IU, the sponsor should identify a new sponsor and request that the account sponsorship information be updated. When account sponsorship changes, UITS recommends the account password be changed.


Usernames for departmental Data Warehouse accounts are six to eight characters long, and are usually made up of an abbreviation for the department's campus and department followed by a two- or three-digit number (e.g., BLVPFA01 for the Bloomington Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs). Alternatively, if a departmental application is known by an acronym, the username may be that acronym followed by a two- or three-digit number (e.g., for an application known as ARMS, the username might be ARMS001).

Request a departmental account

To obtain a departmental Data Warehouse account, submit a request to the Data Warehouse team using the EDSS Support Form:

  1. Under "Application", select IUIE.
  2. Under "Question Type", select Account related question.
  3. Under "What type of issue?", choose Departmental account request.
  4. In the "Account name" box, enter the desired username for your departmental account; in the "Sponsor" box, enter the IU username of the account's sponsor.

    If your requested username is already taken, the Data Warehouse team will contact you.

  5. Fill in any relevant comments and click Submit to EDSS.

After your account has been processed, UITS Accounts Administration will provide you with the password for your departmental account.

Send requests for access to data for the new account to the data manager for the relevant area of responsibility.

Data Warehouse hours of accessibility

Departmental Data Warehouse accounts are meant for direct data access only, not for IUIE application use. Accounts can only access the DSS1PRD database during online hours. A copy of DSS1PRD is available during the nightly batch schedule (10pm-5am) for special cases; separate authorization is required.

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