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As of August 11, 2016, IU's CAS (Central Authentication System) for passphrase-protected logins has a new landing page reflecting IU's latest branding guidelines, security features, and functional updates.

You can view an image of the new page, including pointers for verifying its authenticity, below. Always approach changes like this with a suspicious eye.

  • If you are ever unsure whether an IU website is real, contact your campus Support Center.
  • If you think a website might be fake and attempting to spoof an official IU site, email the University Information Policy Office at

Click the thumbnail for a larger view of the new landing page, which includes username and passphrase fields that have an animation attached to them. Also, look for the green padlock (Secure site URL padlock) and "Indiana University [US]" next to the URL every time you log in.

Pause before you enter your passphrase
Pause before you enter your passphrase

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