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Unfortunately, much of the email that currently travels over the internet is spam (unsolicited commercial or bulk email), which can contain either legitimate or illegitimate content. Chain mail is also common; this is mail of dubious value that you are encouraged to pass on to one or more recipients. It is all but inevitable that you will receive some such email, but you can take steps to decrease the amount you receive. IU also has mechanisms in place to reduce junk email.

If a sender disregards your explicit request not to be contacted, this can be considered harassment, and you should contact the designated authorities for your account. At IU, the University Information Policy Office (UIPO) handles such issues. If you feel that your safety or property is at risk, contact university law enforcement immediately.

Should you need to report an incident, it is important to collect and keep all the information you can with regard to the offending email messages (for example, times received, any replies you have made). It is also important to understand and use the full headers of the email message(s), since the "From:" line of a message can be forged or "spoofed".

Of course, it is important that you not become a part of the spam problem by sending mass messages or by passing along chain mail. See Email policies at IU for more information about your rights and responsibilities regarding email usage. For more about countering junk and harassing email, see the resources below.

Chain mail and fraudulent mail



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