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Labs and classrooms

The Student Technology Centers (STCs) at IUB and IUPUI are student computing facilities located mostly in classroom buildings on campus. The Residential Technology Centers (RTCs) at IUB are computing facilities for those who live in campus housing. Instructors may reserve some of the STCs for classes.

ADA Enabled Labs
STC lab details for students with disabilities
Labs and classrooms on various campuses
Apply for a job in the labs at IUB or IUPUI
Report a problem
Help with problems in the labs
About IU Print
Flexible printing and pickup, online billing
Software installation requests
Who can request, compatibility requirements

Instructional resources

Course materials

IU eTexts
Information about IU's digital learning materials initiative
Geospatial data
Geographic information systems and remote sensing data, including the Indiana Spatial Data Portal and Online Viewing Service
Library technology resources
Online databases and journals, help using library electronic resources
ARCHIVED: Podcasting at IU Podcasting basics, iTunes U
Post copyrighted materials online
Guidance for determining appropriate strategies for making materials available to students

Course tools

Learning management system, successor to Oncourse
ARCHIVED: Data and web server access for instruction
Oracle, Apache/Tomcat (Mentor), MS SQL Server, IIS
ARCHIVED: Oncourse
Online course management and online delivery of course materials
Resources to keep teaching
Teaching tips and technology resources for times of high absenteeism or campus closure
ARCHIVED: Student response devices (clickers)
IU's agreement with Turning Technologies
ARCHIVED: Turnitin
Plagiarism detection, online paper marking, and peer review

Instructional support

Campus teaching and learning centers
One-on-one consulting, workshops, and other pedagogical and technological assistance


Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers
Services for qualifying students, faculty, and staff; evaluative and consulting services for the IU community
ARCHIVED: Assistive technology at IU Services available at IU
ARCHIVED: Oncourse accessibility About Oncourse accessibility
ADA Enabled Labs
STC lab details for students with disabilities

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