Why you shouldn't use "webserve.iu.edu" in a URL

Webserve is the name of the central login server for the web server that serves Indiana University Bloomington, IUPUI, IU Northwest, IU East, and IU Kokomo (www.indiana.edu, www.iub.edu, www.iupui.edu, www.iun.edu, www.iue.edu, and www.iuk.edu), but it is not the computer that actually runs the web server for these domains. Several more powerful computers serve these web pages. Webserve is intended to be used by information providers for account maintenance (SSH and SFTP access) only.

If your site contains references to webserve.iu.edu in hot links, mailto: links, or published URLs, change them to www.indiana.edu, www.iub.edu, www.iupui.edu, www.iun.edu, www.iue.edu, or www.iuk.edu.

Do not use Webserve as your principal email address; it does not permit incoming mail. Instead, use the mail account created with your web account.

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