About DS.IU

DS.IU provides one location for accessing reports and dashboards within Indiana University and was created using the One.IU framework.

Finding reports

As with tasks in One.IU, search for a report and click the icon to launch it.

You can filter report searches by categories and campus. To do so, under the search bar, click either Browse Categories or All Campuses and choose the desired option from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you can rate a report by clicking the stars, view more information by clicking the i icon, or add a report as a favorite by clicking the heart icon.

Some reports may be secured and will require additional access. For more, see In DS.IU, which reports can I access?

Viewing report information

You can view more information and options for a report by clicking the i icon. You'll see the following tabs:

  • The Description tab gives an overview of the report and displays a screenshot.
  • The User Reviews tab shows reviews of the report from users. To submit your own review from this tab, click Write a Review.
  • The Related Tasks tab displays links to similar reports.
  • The Announcements tab displays announcements about the report.

Publishing reports

To publish a report in DS.IU, see In DS.IU, how can I publish reports?

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For help or to comment, email the UITS Support Center.