Determine streaming video file sizes

To determine an approximation of streaming video file size, look at the streaming data rate of that file. Depending on the compression scheme and encoding software, some streaming audio/video files may actually stream at lower or higher rates, but tend to average out to the data rate specified during the encoding process. Also, there is typically file header information that will slightly increase the file size.

The following table provides examples of streaming data rates:

Network connection Actual rate (in Kbps)
File size in one minute (in KB)
File size in one hour (in MB)
28.8 Kbps modem 20 150 9
56 Kbps modem 42 315 18.9
128 Kbps ISDN 100 750 45
384+ Kbps cable modem/DSL 250 1,875 112.5
750+ Kbps cable modem/DSL 500 3,750 225
10 Mbps LAN 1,500 11,250 675

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