In DS.IU, which reports can I access?

All reports in DS.IU are visible. However, reports have different levels of security, which include public, university-internal, Restricted, and Critical. Access to reports that are secured at the Restricted or Critical level must be granted by a Data Manager or Data Steward; see Who are the Data Managers and Data Stewards for the IUIE?

For more about classification levels for institutional data, see About working with institutional data at IU or the university's Management of Institutional Data (DM-01) policy.

If you try to open a report and see an unauthorized access message, you will need to submit a request to view the report. Most reports have access request forms that you can fill out and submit. For Tableau or SSRS reports, send email to

For all other report types, if you do not see a message with instructions for requesting access, send email to the report's contacts. To view contacts, click the report's i icon.

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