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Important: On August 15, 2014, the IU Bloomington and IUPUI modem pools were retired. If you are affected by this retirement, you can find a new Internet service provider by searching online or in the yellow pages.


  • IU East, IPFW, IU Kokomo, IU South Bend, and IU Southeast no longer offer dial-in services.
  • For IUN, contact the IUN Help Desk at 219-981-4357. Due to limited resources, IUN limits dial-in access to faculty, staff, and students, and does not publicly publish the number. For more, see IUN Telecommunications.

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Phone numbers

Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI maintain modem pools through which you can establish a PPP connection to the IU network:

Campus Phone number Length of access
IUB 812-856-5200 Two hours
  812-856-5202 Eight hours
IUPUI 317-278-5620 Four hours

Note: If you are dialing into the IUB modem pools from campus, you need to dial only 6-5200 or 6-5202.

All modems at both campuses support 56 Kbps PPP connections using either V.90 or K56flex transmission.

There is no toll-free number for connecting to the IU central computer systems.

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Configuring your computer to access the modem pools

If you use Windows, UITS recommends that you set up your PPP connection to IU's modem pools by using the PPP Wizards, available from IUware, and configured for either the IUB or IUPUI campus.

If you prefer to set up your connection manually, or if you do not use Windows, consult the appropriate document below:

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Logging in

Use your personal IU Network ID to log into the modem pools.

Since you're entitled to only one dial-up connection at a time, it is important to always use your personal Network ID to connect to the IUB modems, even if you eventually plan to log into an account shared by a group of people (such as a department, lab, or student organization). Once you've established a connection to the modem pool using your own Network ID, you can then use your group account's username and passphrase to reach the specific online resources you need via an email client, web browser, or other program.

For more about modem access limits and related policies, see Excessive Use of Information Technology Resources.

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