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Indiana University's iStream service has reached end of life and is being retired; it has been replaced by Zoom and Kaltura. If you used the iStream service, UITS encourages you to move to Zoom or Kaltura.

To request videoconference streaming and recording for a class, fill out the request form. For help filling out the form, see below.

If you need to request streaming and recording for an event that isn't class-related, use the event request form.

On this page:

Requester information

Provide your full name and email address.

Course information

Provide details about the course (e.g., section number, class title).

Note the following:

  • Originating Campus: Select the campus from which your class originates. If multiple campuses are involved, choose the primary site. Generally, this will be the campus the instructor is located on.
  • Subject: Enter the course's hyphenated 4-5 letter department and subject identifier (e.g., PHST-P or LAW-B).
  • Catalog: Enter the course's numerical catalog number that follows the subject (e.g., 101 or 790).
  • Section: Enter the course's numerical section number (e.g., 21677 or 7759).
  • Who will own the recordings in Kaltura: Enter the Indiana University username of the individual or group who should have control of this recording in Kaltura. This will often be the instructor, but might also be a course coordinator, AI, or a departmental group account.
  • URL for the Canvas course: Enter the course's full Canvas web link (e.g., Recordings will automatically publish to that course's "Kaltura: Media Gallery" area. If you do not want recordings published to a Canvas site, leave this blank.

Dates and times

Provide dates and times for the course sessions that should be recorded.

Note the following:

  • Days of week class meets: Check each day that recordings should recur on. If different days need different recording times, submit the form once for each time slot.
  • Omit dates: List any sessions that should not be recorded due to holidays, exams, or canceled classes.

Videoconference details

Provide details about the course locations and involved IU campuses.

Note the following:

  • List specific rooms you'd like to request at IU, if any: UITS' scheduler will help coordinate rooms with registrars and other schedulers.
  • List location and technical contact for videoconferencing sites outside of IU that you expect to participate: Enter physical locations of all non-IU sites, along with the name and contact information for that site's technical support staff. If no non-IU sites will participate, leave this field blank.

Get help

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Classroom & Conferencing Support (, 812-856-2020, Skype for Business/Lync: cthelp).

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