STCs allowing group work at IUB and IUPUI

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Indiana University Bloomington

Group work is always allowed in the following IUB Student Technology Centers (STCs). However, the STC classrooms are only available when scheduled classes are not in session.

Additionally, some "Collaboration" locations are designed specifically to facilitate teamwork; for details, see STC locations at IUB.

  • Indiana Memorial Union (UB) 098
  • SPEA/Business Library (PV) 150
  • SPEA (PV) 151 (classroom)
  • Lindley Hall (LH) 115
  • Herman B Wells Library Learning Commons (LC) (first floor, West Tower)
  • Herman B Wells Library (LI) (East Tower) (only available nights and weekends)
  • Herman B Wells Library (LI) 401 and 502
  • Herman B Wells Library (LI) 402 and 503 (classrooms)
  • Wendell W. Wright Education Building (ED) 2011
  • Wendell W. Wright Education Building (ED) 2015 (classroom)
  • Student Building (SB) 221 and 230 (classrooms)
  • Ballantine Hall (BH) 117
  • Ballantine Hall (BH) 308 (classroom)
  • Teter Hoffman (TEF) Group study rooms and lounge


Group work is allowed in all STC locations at IUPUI except for ET 002 and IT 131, which are designated as quiet areas. For those labs that designated as classrooms, be sure to check the schedule to avoid disrupting a class in session.

The following locations may be particularly conducive to group work:

  • Engineering/Technology (ET) 004
  • Engineering/Technology (ET) 019
  • Herron School of Art (HR) 179
  • Idea Garden (Hine Hall IP06)
  • University Tower (HO130) (only available to current Tower residents)

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