Two-Step Login (Duo) device recommendations

If you have a special exception to use Duo telephony features, see the SMS or phone instructions in About Duo telephony features.

Based on functionality, ease of use, network availability, security considerations, likelihood of being on person, and cost to the university, following is the recommended order of use for Two-Step Login (Duo) device options at Indiana University. University Information Technology Services (UITS) recommends setting up at least two devices, to allow for situations when your primary device may not be an option.

For setup instructions for various devices, see Manage your Two-Step Login (Duo) devices and settings.

Device Push One-time code Touch Pros Cons Notes
Smartphone with Duo Mobile app Yes Yes No  • Most versatile option
• One-time code works without cell/wifi connection, or when calls/texts may incur charges
• Duo app is free
• Easy to use
• More likely to be with you
• Recover accounts from backup
• Some people don't own a smart phone
• Some people don't want to use a personal phone
• Recommended primary device
Tablet with Duo Mobile app Yes Yes No  • One-time code works without cell/wifi connection
• Duo app is free
• Easy to use
• Recover accounts from backup
• Some people don't own a tablet • Good primary device when you don't have a phone
• Excellent secondary device
MacBook with Touch ID No  No  Yes • More likely to be with you
• Easy to use
• Some people don't own a MacBook with Touch ID
• Works only in Chrome browser
• Good primary device when you don't have a smartphone
• Excellent secondary device
Single-button hardware token No  Yes No  • Easy to use • Must be with you
• Can become out of sync
• Non-replaceable battery
• Fair primary device
• Excellent secondary device
• For more, see About single-button hardware tokens for Two-Step Login (Duo).
USB security key No  No  Yes • Easy to use
• Durable
• No battery required
• Must be with you
• USB port required
• Must be unplugged and secured when not in use
• Fair primary device
• Excellent secondary device
• Works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
• For more, see About USB security keys for Two-Step Login (Duo).

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