ARCHIVED: What is the Indiana Genomics Initiative, and how does UITS support it?

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The Indiana Genomics Initiative was established by a grant to Indiana University from the Lilly Endowment, to promote research in genomics and to integrate progress in genomics into research throughout the IU School of Medicine.

The Indiana Genomics Initiative is designed to create a world-class biomedical research program, built on the strengths of the IU School of Medicine, the IU Departments of Biology and Chemistry, and University Information Technology Services (UITS). Primary areas of research include genomics, bioinformatics, medical informatics, bioethics, and education. These areas of research depend heavily on computation. Hence, the initiative includes a component known as the Information Technology Core that supports computational aspects of research. The mission of the IT Core is to provide facilities for computation, storage, and visualization, as well as expertise in these areas.

For more, see the IU School of Medicine site and Advanced Biomedical IT Core (ABITC).

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