ARCHIVED: In the IUB STCs, what data management tools are installed for use with the Oracle database Oed1prd?

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At Indiana University Bloomington, UITS Enterprise Decision Support Services (EDSS) requests the following software packages for installation in the Student Technology Centers (STCs) each school year:

  • Oracle Client (SQL*Plus command shell tool and SQL Developer)
  • Aqua Data Studio (GUI SQL tool for Oracle)

These requests are based upon anticipated and expressed needs from students, faculty, and departments. The requests do not cover data management tools requested by other departments or provided in general by the STCs, such as Microsoft Access or Excel, nor do they replace faculty responsibility for requesting and arranging for software in the STCs. UITS does not guarantee the continued availability of any software package other than the Oracle Client, and continuing availability of any software is contingent upon license agreements as well as faculty interest.

For more about using Oed1prd from the IUB STCs, see Connect to the UITS Oracle database Oed1prd from the IUB and IUPUI STCs

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