Troubleshooting Ad Astra issues

The following is a list of common Ad Astra issues and solutions.

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Logging in

Difficulty logging in from an on-campus location

Make sure you are logging into Ad Astra from One.IU. If you continue having issues, you may have restrictions on your permissions to access the system. For help, contact

Difficulty logging in from an off-campus location

Ad Astra is only available through the IU Secure network (on-campus computers). If you are off campus, you will need to use VPN to connect to IU Secure before you can access Ad Astra.

Loading and displaying pages

General Ad Astra display problems

If you are having display problems, clear your cache and see if that fixes the issue; to do so, click the button in the lower right corner.

Page is blank except for the top banner

Some users experience this behavior in Internet Explorer. UITS generally recommends using either Firefox or Chrome.

Page is not responding

The page may stop responding for the following reasons:

  • Ad Astra times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. UITS recommends that you bookmark the Ad Astra home page for easy access after a timeout.
  • Ad Astra pulls academic section data from PeopleSoft every three minutes. The system may need a minute to finish processing the data.
  • You may not have privileges to access the next screen. For assistance, send details about your situation to

Screen looks different from a co-worker's screen

Your screens and available tasks depend on your role in Ad Astra. People with other roles may have different screens and available tasks.

Name is not in the Customer drop-down list

To have your name added to the Customer drop-down list, contact your departmental administrator.

An event scheduled by a co-worker does not appear in your calendar

Ad Astra pages update as you click through the pages. Events do not automatically update on a stagnant page.

Searching for incomplete events

Check periodically for incomplete events in your Event List (Event Status=Incomplete). Ad Astra administrators can also set up a report subscription that will email incomplete events to you on a regular basis.

Getting help after business hours

To access the help manuals on most Ad Astra screens, in the upper right corner, click the question mark icon.

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