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Login issues

Difficulty logging in from off campus

Ad Astra is only available through the IU campus network (wired connections, eduroam, or IU Secure). If you are off campus, connect to the IU VPN to access Ad Astra.

Difficulty logging in from campus or while using VPN

Make sure you are logging into Ad Astra from Ad Astra, or search for it in One.IU. If you continue having issues, your profile may need to be reviewed by an Ad Astra administrator, or there may be a problem with your IU passphrase.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

Load and display pages

General Ad Astra display problems

If you are having display problems, clear your cache and see if that fixes the issue; to do so, click the button in the lower right corner.

In Ad Astra, clear the cache by clicking the button in the lower right corner

Calendar grid does not load activities

The IU community has access to several public calendars. From the Choose Calendar drop-down, select the calendar you would like to view.

Page is blank except for the top banner

Some users experience this behavior in Internet Explorer. UITS generally recommends using either Firefox or Chrome.

Page is slow or not responding

Because Ad Astra processes large amounts of data, a page could take up to 15 seconds to load. UITS recommends that you set up a default filter to help the page load faster.

To do so, select subjects, terms, campuses, or keywords, and then use the floppy disk icon to save the filter. Check Set as default filter. You can always update or remove these settings.

The page may also stop responding if you have been inactive in the system for 20 minutes. UITS recommends bookmarking the Ad Astra home page for easy access after a timeout.

Screen looks different from a co-worker's screen

Your screens and available tasks depend on your role in Ad Astra. People with other roles may have different screens and available tasks.

Name is not in the customer contact drop-down list

To have your name added to the customer contact drop-down list, contact your departmental administrator.

Get help

Access help manuals

To access the software help manuals from most Ad Astra screens, in the upper right corner, click the question mark icon. However, keep in mind that each unit has custom configurations that may change the way Ad Astra works.

Contact the Support Center

For login issues and other problems you cannot resolve using the troubleshooting steps above, contact your campus Support Center. If you're sending email, provide screenshots and a description of the problem. If you believe there is a problem with the service itself, report the issue by phone or live chat session rather than email.

Set up Ad Astra

For help getting Ad Astra set up for your unit, send email to

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For help or to comment, email the UITS Support Center.