Data classes for use on public cloud computing platforms at IU

Public cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure are approved for use by Indiana University faculty and staff through central contracts. (Student accounts on these services are not covered.)

Prior to obtaining an account or developing using AWS, GCP, or Azure at IU, you must follow the steps in Get an AWS, GCP, or Microsoft Azure account at IU.

AWS, GCP, and Azure are approved for data classified as Public or University-Internal data. Use of these platforms to store, process, or transmit Critical or Restricted data (including, but not limited to, health data regulated by HIPAA and payment card data) must be specifically approved by the Data Steward(s) or responsible office (for example, the Office of the Treasurer for PCI data).

Although public cloud vendors apply their own security protocols, you are ultimately responsible for securely managing the data stored, processed, or transmitted by the services you build or use on the approved cloud platforms.

Review Protect IU's Use of Cloud Computing for risks and recommendations while using cloud computing through IU.

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