See the number of students enrolled for a course

To see how many students are enrolled for a course at Indiana University:

  1. Go to Class Search.
  2. From the "Institution:" drop-down menu, select your campus. From the drop-down menu next to "Term:", select a semester.
  3. In the "Subject:" field, type a departmental code (for example, eng or geog). Click select subject for a list of valid codes.
  4. Enter a full or partial course number, using the drop-down menu to change the type of match you are using. Uncheck Show Open Classes Only.

    For more search options (for example, section number, instructor's name), click the arrow next to "Additional Search Criteria", and enter your terms in the new fields.

  5. Click Search.

In the search results, the "Avail" column for each course displays the number of seats still available. The "Wait" column shows how many students have waitlisted the course. To see the maximum enrollment possible for a course (next to "Class Capacity:"), click Details.

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