Known issues with Media Collections Online

Following are known issues, problems, and incompatibilities affecting Media Collections Online at Indiana University:

Issue Description Status Last updated
Minor video artifacts appear when seeking during video playback.
This issue only affects browsers on Windows platforms with hardware acceleration enabled in Flash. To resolve this issue in your browser, right-click on the video while playing, choose Settings, and uncheck Enable hardware acceleration. Click Close and reload the page, and visual artifacts should no longer be visible when seeking.
Known issue April 12, 2017
Importing bibliographic data from catalog records does not return information from the correct record.
When importing bibliographic information for an object in Media Collections Online, the import may return data for an item other than the one specified. System administrators are working on a fix. To work around this issue, enter descriptive metadata manually into item records instead of using the import function.
Known issue March 21, 2017
Navigation links do not appear on tablets.
When logged into Media Collections Online on a medium-sized tablet such as an iPad Air, the Manage Selected Items and Playlists links in the navigation bar do not display when the device is in portrait orientation. If the device is used in landscape orientation these links display normally.
Known issue February 21, 2017

For a wider list of known issues affecting Avalon, the software powering Media Collections Online, see the Known Issues page on the Avalon wiki.

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