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DigitalDesk streamlines the review of results from paper Scantron forms for instructors at Indiana University Bloomington. For more, see About DigitalDesk at IU Bloomington.

After BEST has scanned and uploaded your students' exam results, to view, generate, or customize reports in DigitalDesk, first:

  1. Go to Scanning Results: Digital Desk in One.IU, and click Start.
  2. Log into CAS using your IU username and passphrase; this requires Two-Step Login (Duo).

    You'll see the DigitalDesk "Instructor Tools" dashboard, which displays the status of exams processed the current day, as well as messages from the system administrator.

View exam reports

To view student scores on exam reports:

  1. Click the Rescore navigation panel.
  2. Select either Current semester, Previous semester, or Don't filter by semester, and then use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate exam.

Your students' scores will appear on the right.

Generate and customize exam reports

To generate and customize exam reports:

  1. Click the Reports navigation panel, and select your exam from the drop-down menu.
  2. Double-click the exam to see the student results listing.
  3. To filter results by section, click the selection window, and select the section.
  4. To filter by form, click the form window.
  5. Click Back to Exams to return to exam listings.
  6. Check the box corresponding to the section for which you want reports.
    Checkbox for selecting the section for which you want reports
  7. Click Report Options, select the type of report you want, and click Run. Options include:
    • Student Score Report: Creates a one-page PDF for each student with grade information and the questions the student missed, as well as the correct answer for missed questions
    • Roster Report: Creates a PDF with a line for each student. Contains number of questions missed, points, and score.
    • Exam Analysis: Creates a PDF containing statistics including mean and median, as well as information on how many people selected each option for a question
    • CSV Score Export: Creates two CSV files. Score Export has a row for each student and contains information in the Roster Report as well as any bonus points awarded. The Score Export - Missed Response Analysis contains a row for each student showing the answer selected on the questions missed, as well as grade received.
    • Data Export: Creates a CSV file with a row for each student containing the selected answer for every question.
    • Score Graph: Creates a PDF with a bar graph showing the relationship between grade and frequency.
  8. The Downloads tab will display the number of reports generated; click the tab to view the reports.
  9. Click the Download button to retrieve the desired report. Your custom report will be listed in the "Available Reports" section.

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