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DigitalDesk is scanning software designed to streamline the review of results from scanned paper-based exam forms for instructors at Indiana University Bloomington. Instructors can access and review their exam results online through comprehensive exam analysis reports consisting of Standard Deviation, Cronbach's Alpha, and Distractor Analysis, among others. DigitalDesk generates and distributes reports to instructors, and instructors can import student grades from DigitalDesk reports into Canvas.

DigitalDesk gives you several ways to analyze and manage your exam data, allowing you to:

  • Rescore exams, adding bonus points to all or to individual student scores
  • Modify answer keys and reassign students to different answer keys
  • Review and make corrections to students' responses or demographic information
  • Run reports for individual or combined class sections

Instructors submit exam forms and answer keys to Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST) for scanning and uploading to DigitalDesk. For instructions, see Prepare your exams and answer keys for scanning in DigitalDesk.

Access DigitalDesk

To access DigitalDesk:

  1. Go to Scanning Results: Digital Desk.
  2. Log in with your IU username and passphrase. This requires Two-Step Login (Duo).

    You'll see the DigitalDesk "Instructor Tools" dashboard, which displays the status of exams processed the current day, as well as messages from the system administrator.

To view a video demonstration, see Logging into DigitalDesk.

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